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unlabel Moist Pharma Waserin All in One Gel

unlabel Moist Pharma Waserin All in One Gel

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unlabel Moist Pharma delivers pharmaceutical skin care solutions to deliver fundamental moisturizing solution for dry skin. This new brand focuses on providing a pharmaceutical approach to those struggling with intensely dry skin. It adopts science from the pharmacy and skin care fields and not only hydrates the skin, but leads the skin into becoming 'un-dryable' by approaching to the true cause of dehydration.

This brand focuses “Petroleum jelly” which boasts high moisture level to respond to the intense dryness. Vaseline has been trusted for many years in the medical institution to be used as a skin protectant or to mix with other medications to create ointments. It is also used to treat cracked heels, chapped skin, rough skin and more. Vaseline is an oil-based moisturizer and is widely used as a replacement for sebum. Vaseline works to create a sebum barrier on top of the skin layer to prevent moisture from dehydrating, thus maintaining the moisture level in the skin.

To maximize its efficacy, unlabel chose to focus on 'highly refined petroleum jelly' which has a much higher purity than the common white/yellow petroleum jelly commonly used. It is a high quality petrolatum refined to a high degree of purity by a special high-pressure hydro refining technology. It is stable and gentle. Less likely to cause any irritation and has excellent hypoallergenic properties.

  • Acts as barrier and seals moisture inside as highly refined petrolatum is highly stable against external stimuli such as heat and light and has excellent hypoallergenic properties. By forming a moisture protective film, it protects the skin from dryness, suppresses moisture evaporating and keeps the skin’s moisture level
  • Hydrates and conditions with Galactomyces fermented broth, Water soluble collagen, Vitamin C derivative, Ceramide, Arbutin, Centellaasiatica leaf/stem extract, Olive fruit oil, Rice bran oil, Glycosyltrehalose, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
  • Anti aging care ingredients superb in penetrating deep into the skin, hydrates the skin from the deepest layer and protects from getting dry. Moisture is sealed inside with as the refined Vaseline acts as a barrier
  • Acts as a lotion, emulsion, serum, cream and fack pack in one. Just apply after cleansing
  • Supports the skin barrier function with triple human ceramide, polyquaternium-51, and phytosphingosine
  • In a moisture retention test, Moist Pharma All in One Gel held almost the exact same level of hydration after 6 hours. Compared to White Vaseline*, Moist Pharma held 33% more moisture
  • Free from additives, fragrance, dyes, alcohol, petroelum based surfactants, talc
  • PH Balanced


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