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mixim Suppli Collagen Repair Treatment

mixim Suppli Collagen Repair Treatment

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Natural Hair Care brand with over 90% of the formula being moisturizing ingredients. mixim Suppli was formulated with a nutritionist, dermatologist and hair stylist to combine science from these 3 fields to improve your hair health incorporating expertise from these fields. Brilliantly formulated with 'supplemental' ingredients like vitamin and collagen for a synergistic, hair care recipe.

  • Formulated with organic Argan oil and raw keratin to deeply nourish and heal
  • Panthenol seals the nutrients and moisture inside the hair shaft
  • Free from any petroleum based ingredients, sulfate, synthetic dyes, paraben and mineral oil
  • Scent of Organic Marigold Bouquet


How to use

After shampooing, lightly strain hair and apply all over hair focusing on the ends. Rinse thoroughly.

To Open Bottle: Twist nozzle counter-clockwise while holding the neck until it fully rises. Pump a few times until content dispenses. In case the nozzle does not rise, make sure the base is tighten, secure with hands to hold in place and twist open.

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