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Amino mason

Limited Edition Amino Mason Premium Moist Cream Mask Mojito

Limited Edition Amino Mason Premium Moist Cream Mask Mojito

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Exclusive, limited edition in a beautiful, refreshing, mojito inspired fragrance that lasts up to 48 hours.

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Most luxurious, effective, creamy hair mask from Amino Mason. Instantly improves the most damaged, dry hair by replenishing lost keratins back to the hair and prevents hair spread, unwanted waves, frizz, etc.

  • 18 kinds of amino acid for hydration & damage repair
  • Improved, proprietary Super Amino Acid Formula includes Super Amino Acid, Lipidure®, Adhesive ceramide & Ceramide2. Delivers essential nutrients deep into the hair's 3rd cortex layer and seals with Platinum to prevent leakage
  • Delicious, nutrient rich milk cream blend with Milk, Yogurt, Honey, Avocado, Cherimoya and Mangosteen
  • Formulated with triple keratin for improved damage repair with Cuticle keratin, Cashmere keratin and hair control keratin
  • Organic shea butter, organic macadamia nut butter and organic moringa butter to deliver intense hydration and nutrients to hair in need
  • Broken cuticles are glued together while each strand is being coasted for lasting results
  • Fragrance of Mojito with notes of green tea, lily of the valley and amber


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