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FUN AZUM Moist & Damage Repair Shampoo

FUN AZUM Moist & Damage Repair Shampoo

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A premium hair care brand produced by Tokyo's highly rated salon, "air". Fully understands the difference, as well as the importance of caring for all 3 layers of the hair structure to improve your current hair condition the way a salon treatment will. Achieve salon results from the comfort of your home featuring its proprietary ingredient, 'platinum ceramide'.

  • Platinum ceramide is an originally developed ingredient bonding ceramide and platinum colloid enabling a sensor function to locate the damage, replenish and lock in the nutrients
  • Further, it helps glue torn cuticles back together and improve hair's barrier function
  • Increases hair density with CMC Protein Repair ingredients
  • Herbs such as Ashwaganda, wasabi root, ginseng, licorice root extract and more to revitalize the scalp
  • Amino acid based deep repair ingredients repairs and reinforces the hair's cortex
  • 100% plant based sustainably sourced surfactant creates a rich lather to reduce friction while cleansing which damages hair
  • Fragrance of Blossom & Cassis
    Top: Cassis, Apple
    Middle: Jasmine, Rose, Muguet
    Last: Musk, Woody, Amber


How to use

Apply to wet hair and gently massage scalp and hair to create a lather. Rinse thoroughly.

To Open Bottle: Twist nozzle counter-clockwise while holding the neck until it fully rises. Pump a few times until content dispenses. In case the nozzle does not rise, make sure the base is tighten, secure with hands to hold in place and twist open.

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