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Formulated for even the most sensitive skin with white clay and enzymes to absorb impurities from pores while aiding skin's barrier function.

  • Creates a rich lather to clear skin free from impurities causing pore dullness, keratin plugs and old skin cells with French white clay, fruit AHA and papain enzyme
  • Gently cleanses with white clay which is abundant in minerals, papain enzyme which breaks down old skin cells and stubborn dirt, while fruit AHA gently conditions skin
  • Lipidure® which mimics skin's cell membrane, which dry and sensitive skin lack, to work in place to protect from dehydration and any aggressors
  • Focuses on aquaporin, which are known as water channels or pathway for moisture. Penetrates deep up to 3 layers of stratum corneum cells for quicker and more effective hydration
  • Three key ingredient Triple Aquaporin, Plant Stem Cell Extract and Plant Ceramide helps fill in gaps in the cells with moisture to regain firmness, elasticity and repair sensitive skin
  • Reconstructs aquaporins which deteriorates with age. Delivers moisture to the skin from inside and out
  • Strengthens and enhances skin barrier functions
  • Provides anti-aging care with Fullerene and Argireline™ which is said to be the skin care equivalent of Botox
  • Amino acids, Ceramide, Natural Moisturizing Factor(NMF) and Hyaluronic acid NA support skin's vital structure
  • Improves blackheads, dullness, roughness and hyperpigmentation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Vegan
  • Free from fragrance, dyes, alcohol, oil, chemicals, mineral oil, petroleum based surfactants, animal derived ingredients and parabens


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