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BOTANICAL ESTHÉ Essential Oil Blended Botanical Clay Soap

BOTANICAL ESTHÉ Essential Oil Blended Botanical Clay Soap

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A clay soap made with botanical enzymes, white clay and AHA clears skin from all impurities for a clearer, smoother skin!

For a more hydrating finish, check out Butter Soap! (Butter soap especially recommended for dry skin)

  • Made with Botanical enzymes, White clay and AHA
  • Foams to a rich lather to gently and effectively remove impurities, melanin and old skin cells from pores
  • 7 Organic Hydrating Ingredients; Rosemary, sage, hawthorn, yarrow, thyme, wild rose, lavender
  • 13 Hydrating Ingredients; Artichoke, lemon, yuzu, aloe, bilberry, orange, savon, shiso, rosehip, green tea, mint, argan oil, coconut oil
  • Free from preservatives, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes, petroleum based surfactants, chelators, mineral oil and UV absorbers
  • Finish: Smooth & clear
  • Scent of Refreshing Citrus


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