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BOTANICAL ESTHÉ Aqua Moist Jelly Mask

BOTANICAL ESTHÉ Aqua Moist Jelly Mask

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Concentrated, premium face mask with results after just one use. Smooths and conditions rough skin while improving firmness and resilience with CBD and botanical extracts.

  • Formulated with the highly penetrating CBD, centella asiatica, cactus and mugwort 
  • Additionally, water soluble vitamin C and Oil soluble vitamin C are combined to maximize penetration, immediacy and sustainability of results
  • Gentle formula safe enough to be used for sensitive skins
  • Organic lavender, rosemary, sage, hawthorn, thyme, yarrow and wild rose extract provides more hydration while conditioning the skin
  • Cares for skin damaged by the sun, enlarged pores, dehydration and rough skin
  • Fragrance of juicy citrus aroma

How to Use:

After prepping with toner, apply the jelly side onto the skin. Adjust the eye and mouth area first. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and remove mask. Pat in serum into skin.


How to use

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