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Amino mason

Amino Mason Premium Moist Care Facial Milk for Men

Amino Mason Premium Moist Care Facial Milk for Men

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Amino Mason Men’s series was created to address a variety of men’s concerns such as oily scalp, flat hair, oily skin, clogged pores, dry skin and sensitive skin. Men's sweat and sebaceous glands are much more active and delicate, while most neglect to care for the skin and hair. That is why the Men's series was created to provide a simple, one step solution to these popular concerns of men.

Formulated with plant stem cell extracts, ceramides and three plant oils to provide hydration while preventing aging.

  • Jiaogulan(Southern ginseng) pomegranate and lemongrass open the stratum corneum for an effective moisture replenishment
  • Apple stem cell and grape stem cell deliver nutrients to the skin and also strengthen and restore weakened cells. Additionally, grape stem cell protects and repair the cells damaged by UV rays
  • Grapefruit ceramide, which is the keratinous ceramide known closest to human skin, can effectively form a strong skin barrier to protect skin from external irritants. Ceramide 2 component helps improve skin barrier and effectively make wrinkles look less visible
  • Avocado oil, jojoba oil and macadamia seed oil help skin build a layer similar to skin, to lock in moisture and prevent skin from dehydrating
  • Fragrance of 
    Top: Violet, Amber, Wood
    Middle: Agarwood, Lily of the valley, White Rose
    Last:Pears, Lilacs, Bergamots


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