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Ahalo Honey Hydro & Repair Osmanthus Limited Edition Shampoo & Treatment Set

Ahalo Honey Hydro & Repair Osmanthus Limited Edition Shampoo & Treatment Set

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Ahalo Honey repair hair's dehydration from the core of the hair.
Instantly heals dry and rough hair with organic manuka honey infused formula.

Over 80% of the formula is made with beauty serum. Shampoo & Treatment (Conditioner) provides plenty of hydration with results similar to when using a hair pack.

  • Proprietary Aqua Delivery System efficiently delivers hydration to the core of the hair.
  • Hydro Moist Charge: Delivers plenty of hydration to damages
  • Maintains Aqua Cycle: Delivers hydration all over the hair strand and circulates hydration to maintain the moisture cycle
  • Promotes Penetration & Delivery: Boosts penetration for effective results
  • Premium Formula: Repairs inner dry with a premium formula with over 80% of the formula being beauty serum
  • High Emolliency: Premium manuka honey provides a high emollient for the hair
  • Royal Jelly Protein: Reinforces hair's core that has been weakened by dehydration and damage with royal jelly protein
  • Shampoo creates a rich lather to gently cleanse impurities.
  • Royal jelly protein and more delivers hydration
  • Treatment delivers hydration deep inside the core to heal inner dry environment and effectively heal broken cuticles
  • Provides heat protection
Limited edition Osmanthus design and fragrance.


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