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8 THE THALASSO Moisturizing & Repairing Booster Hair Mist

8 THE THALASSO Moisturizing & Repairing Booster Hair Mist

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"8 THE THALASSO" is a new brand with the concept of rethinking hair as skin. Hydrates both the scalp and hair thoroughly as if it's skin by repairing at the cellular level.

Thalasso comes from the Greek word, "Thálassa" meaning sea. This brands uses beneficial marine ingredients with skin care ingredients to repair and plump hair at the molecular level.

Quickly repairs hair in 10 seconds. A booster serum mist to maximize results. Can be used in and after bath for specific results.

  • Use in bath: Spray after shampooing to improve efficacy of Treatment(Conditioner, Hair Mask, etc.)
  • Use after bath: Spray on to towel dry hair to prevent bed hair, hair spread, dryness, protect from humidity and aid in styling
  • Repairs with Thalasso and apple stem cell
  • Prevents bed hair and unwanted waves with Meadowfoam δ-Lactone
  • Protects from huidity with hydroxypropyl chitosan
  • Conditions hair with seaweed extract, marine collagen and squalane
  • Scent of Aqua White Floral. A relaxing musk scent with gorgeous floral bouquet notes
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